Exterior Caulking

Exterior Caulking

Exterior Caulking in Northwest Missouri

Caulking applications and features can deteriorate over time. The extent of damage varies depending on the exposure of your property to natural elements, application and movement in the building structure. Thermal and mechanical actors may also contribute to wear. By replacing your caulking, you are taking a very important step to ensure that water and air do not enter or seep through your property to cause unwanted and costly damages.

Griffith Foundation Repair boasts of an extensive amount of experience with both big and small, commercial or residential caulking services. From hi-rises to condos, complexes, schools, student housing, classrooms, hospitals, retail spaces or homes in Kansas Missouri, our renowned top-quality services remain the staple and standard for most exterior caulking services in Northwest Missouri.

With over 20 years of experience in top tier exterior caulking offerings, we have grown to improve and streamline our processes over the years to ensure optimal outcomes irrespective of the size, location and height of the project. Griffith Foundation Repair possesses all the necessary qualifications, equipment and materials to work on a wide array of projects and will be more than happy to take up your project with our undying quest to deliver superior customer satisfaction.

As part of our service, we offer clients qualitative and extensive evaluation of their current external caulking structures, spot compromises, remove existing caulking, renovate and apply new caulking to match the needs of your exterior works for both residential and commercial purposes.

We believe that the perfect caulking service is a balanced blend of customer service, trustworthiness, security, beauty and quality, which is why we never compromise on delivering on all fronts of the business. Griffith Foundation Repair utilizes only construction grade materials to deliver caulking solutions for all exteriors in an industry-standard class. All our solutions are watertight and the wealth of experience of our team ensures that proper application for a durable and longer lifespan meets superior aesthetics for the perfect output. Whatever the stage of repair or the height of the building, our team is trained and excellent in approaching work in boom and scissor lift operations, swing stage, bosun chair as well as other simple residential caulking applications.

Our caulking restoration can help you convey and perfect your building to its very first appearance. With a myriad of caulking applications, Griffith Foundation Repair  offers painting, deck coating, balcony membrane, foundation repair and window hardware services.

Our commercial and residential applications may include but is not limited to any the following services:

  • Windows
  • Curtain walls
  • Control joints
  • Expansion joints
  • Dissimilar finishes
  • Floor sawcuts
  • Fire-halting and smoke seals
  • Sinks at walls
  • Urinals and Toilets
  • Masonry
  • Drywall at concretes
  • Countertops at walls
  • Floor cabinetries
  • 20 years limited warranty
  • High quality tuckpointing service
  • Super-fast repairs
  • Perfect results
  • No damages to structural integrity
  • Clean and tidy output
  • Insured and certified for excellence
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