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Adair, Missouri is an unincorporated community in eastern Adair County, Missouri, United States. It is located approximately 12 miles northeast of Kirksville, on Missouri Route 11. Adair is notable as the location of St. Mary’s Church, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The first settlers in Adair County, Missouri arrived in 1828 but it was only in the 1830s that they began to branch out to other areas of the county from their original settlement along the Chariton River.[1] By the early 1840s new residents, primarily Irish Catholics by way of Ohio, began to arrive in northeastern Adair County.[2] Their number increased as the Irish Potato Famine worsened, causing more Irish to leave their native land for a better future in America. By 1860 the populace was enough to support a rough-hewn log church and assignment of a priest. Following the end of the Civil War an attorney from Adair, a Mr. Clancy, wrote glowing editorials to newspapers back in Ohio praising the fine farmland and urging more Irish migration.[2] Among the early settlers was Michael C. Cody, who had previously been involved in the steamboat trade. He arrived in Adair in 1855 and in the late 1860s donated a large tract of land for the village cemetery. Although Adair had yet to be incorporated or even platted, the populace was such that in January, 1878 a United States Post Office was established.[1]


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